Monday, March 31, 2014

Diabetes Symptoms In Men+Erectile Dysfunction - Sexual Complications of Diabetes That Ruin Your Sex Life

Diabetes Symptoms In Men

Diabetes Symptoms In Men+Erectile Dysfunction is a problem for a surprising number of men in general. Men with diabetes have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence in one, if you do not keep your diabetes under control. Erectiledysfunction means you can maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse is not taken into account. Many men experience short-term consequences of erectile dysfunction, but approximately one in 10 men can suffer the problem continue. Fifty percent of men with diabetes in the ED within 10 years of diagnosis.
So let's get an overview of the impact of diabetes symptoms in men and erectile dysfunction and then focus on the proposed solution.

Adverse Effects # 1 - nerve damage blood vessels

It often happens that blood vessel a roadblock . The very high levels of blood sugar , which can cause damage to blood vessels and nerves in other parts of the body also lead to complications in the blood circulation and nerve damage to the penis.

Adverse Effects # 2 - Heart Disease

It often happens that heart disease is a consequence. Heart disease and diabetes are often linked because diabetes also causes damage to coronary heart. Heart disease can affect sexual function on their own, but sometimes erectile dysfunction is more likely to be men, both coronary heart disease (CHD ) and diabetes suffer , as men who have diabetes symptoms  without the addition of CAD nine .

Adverse Effects to # 3 - reduces blood flow

diabetes symptoms in men+erectile dysfunction
Often the blood flow reduction having an adverse effect. The longer a man has had diabetes , the more likely you are to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Even if the blood sugar is not well controlled throughout the disease damage blood vessels and nerves be higher . Complications of heart disease such as blood pressure concomitant high cholesterol may also affect erectile dysfunction. A diabetic man, who is also a smoker increases your risk of developing erectile dysfunction.

Because of these consequences , many men consider stress management , behavioral therapy , exercise , eliminating the main causes of diabetes and erectile dysfunction.

Stress management , behavioral therapy and exercise, the zeros in the problem and not just the symptoms. The observed results are very promising. Not only are people achieve good results , but are also able to do it quickly and without much effort .

Besides these are some exercises that increase sexual men help maintain its high level of diabetes control and genital muscles by increasing blood flow and energy to these organs , of course , was taking these exercises regularly is hard rock erection and increase sexual stamina.


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