Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Early Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes In Women

Early Symptoms ofType 2 Diabetes

Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes In Women has become much worse due to our circumstances, and several other reasons why the world in which we live, this may not be to blame for the fact that there are many fast-food restaurants in the area , or it not enough time in the day to sandwiches Healthy , because everything comes down to planning . Some of diabetes is inherited , but usually related to diabetes 1, which are born you .

Sometimes people know to make about the early signs and symptoms , but not much fuss about the fact that often knowing could make up for something but do not want every day to have their burgers, fries and cola . In short, it is something that we noted , because if we do not do something now the state to start only got worse .
Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes
·         They most of the time during the day, which are not used tired.
·         A feeling of thirst is responsible for much of the time, you constantly feel like something to drink
·         If things to the next level of your vision becoming blurred move
·        So that you gain Hungry much of the time on weight. Much of what you think you need contain   starch or sugar , which is obviously what you should not have !
·         Frequent urination due to increased thirst
·         You can dark areas of skin tags on the body
Ulcers often take longer to heal

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