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Insulin Pump Supplies, Make Life Easier for Diabetics

Insulin Pump Supplies

From the time of insulin was first used to control diabetes, people have tried the easiest to use . For many diabetics , treatment includes several times a day to test their blood sugar levels and inject insulin if the values ​​are too high. Often this can be uncomfortable. The idea of an Insulin pump supplies easier to live with diabetes, was something that the researchers were working on , but it would take many years before one develops , that was very practical and achieved what it was supposed to.

The first insulin pump supplies was developed in 1963 and given glucagon and insulin. Although there is a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetic patients , it was not practical for most people. The pump itself was big, bulky and had to be carried on the back like a backpack . Glucagon and insulin are delivered via a cannula ( thin tube ) is inserted into the arm.

The next innovation , Auto Syringe in early 1980 , was an improvement , but still not the insulin pump, which longed for. It was in the 1990s that the first bomb was small enough to really practically left. It could easily be attached to a belt . As technology advances , are becoming smaller and easier to use.

Microprocessor control of the timing and frequency of administration of insulin, the pumps are now as small as pagers. They are comfortable to wear in your pocket, clipped to a belt , on the arm or with an elastic band in clothing. If a diabetic chooses, it can easily keep hidden. Even if it is often confused with a pager .

Since insulin is continuously pumped into the body, the long-acting insulin is never to be used with a pump , fast-acting insulin should be used only . The insulin is supplied from the pump housing by a so-called infusion. This consists of a fine tube and a needle. The needle in the arm - , abdomen, or in any other position , the above is best for the user.

insulin pump supplies canada
insulin pump supplies canada
The first thing a person needs to learn before using an insulin pump , is their blood sugar patterns. The pump may be programmed in accordance with the pattern of glucose from the subject. It is pumped , a background or continuously, and no change in the rate to sometimes adapt to the needs of the person to the time difference . The programming can be varied to suit different needs , such as monthly hormonal changes , shift changes , which require changing the sleep cycle , etc.

Different types of food may have different amounts of insulin . The amount of carbohydrates require a higher or " bolus " dose , as it is called , is necessary to keep blood sugar levels low enough. Sometimes programming should be set during the day, as there may be changes in the normal routine require a dose higher or lower than normal, be at the same time .

The insulin pump is a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes. Even if it were not for all diabetes patients , there is better control with a lot more freedom to live your life without the worry of carrying supplies for diabetes to live bulky with them.

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