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Low Blood Sugar - Causes, Effects and Management

Low Blood Sugar Causes

Low blood sugar and how to deal with the consequences .

Wake up in the morning feeling like a grumpy ? Fade is your energy in the afternoon? Is the bounce of a high carbohydrate diet will make you feel sick? Do you get headaches and fuzzy thinking two hours after eating a food high in sugar ?

If the answer to these questions is "yes" , then you can experience functional hypoglycemia. For many years , traditional medicine is a disease called this fashion . The reason for this is that the patient is diagnosed as a fact , but tell the doctor what they have. The problem is that is reversed, the doctor will want to make the diagnosis.

However, in recent years the functional hypoglycemia has integrated into the list of allowed diagnosis.

What is the functional hypoglycemia ? In order to understand the condition , I will present a simplified explanation of carbohydrate metabolism . There are some interesting recent theories that contribute to the understanding of diabetes , but these only serve to confuse the issue .

If you eat a little sugar or starch, a messaging system that tells begins in the stomach, that the insulin - producing cells in the pancreas, where x treat a load of carbohydrate grams to X , is the amount of carbohydrates that has just swallowed . In a healthy person , the pancreas , the right amount of insulin to handle this amount of carbohydrates . Insulin is a substance in the body to import sugar as glucose allows the different cells and tissues , without insulin , accumulation of sugar in the blood would not be able to enter cells , thus causing food to energy. Brain cells are totally dependent on glucose from food , other substances cause brain dysfunction.
The individual functional hypoglycemia, it is an exaggerated insulin response . It is as if the pancreas in a panic and sends too much insulin to deal with carbohydrates . The problem is that there just may be a massive uptake of glucose by the tissues , the brain cells of glucose. This causes a malfunction of the brain. Brain cells try alternative food sources that allow to find a normal brain function. The best analogy is that it's like trying a racing car high performance diesel fuel that are simply not to drive.

The symptoms that I described in the first few sentences of this article , the typical symptoms of functional hypoglycemia. It is a very good blood test to determine whether a person functional hypoglycemia. When the amount of glucose in the brain available for normal brain function, brain cells under low tension, thereby the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and growth hormone factor . If the test of the glucose tolerance was carried out in connection with cortisol or factor growth hormone, whether a read of low blood sugar with an increase in either cortisol or associated factor growth hormone, can be interpreted as the lowest reading diagnostic hypoglycemia, because it means that the brain cells are stressed available by low blood sugar .

low blood sugar causes fainting
low blood sugar causes fainting
The treatment of this disease is relatively simple, but requires some discipline . I tell my patients to correct that changes in the metabolism of the problem will take about a month , and during this time may suffer some major emotional changes .

The process that I use to advise the daily food intake , which is divided into five equal parts . There is no refined sugar or flour in the diet , no alcohol is an alcohol , sugar, caffeine , and the method of addition of the glucose tolerance factor , a substance found help in the yeast beer helps stabilize the metabolism of carbohydrates .

After adherence to this therapy for a month, it should be and reduce symptoms in a noticeable change of the energy. After about six months in this process , it may be possible occasionally "cheat " by treat rare sugar. But most of the time not worth what to a return of symptoms just a whim

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