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Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy How Much to Trust Them ?

Glucose Meter Accuracy

Blood glucose meter accuracy is not something that diabetics want to lie awake thinking . If you inject insulin on the accuracy of the monitor , check before you start taking insulin, so you know how much to inject .

Also, type 2 diabetics not on insulin test is first thing in the morning as the starting fasting and after exercise, if you feel faint or dizzy. It is comforting to know that international standards diabetic meters allow a margin of error of up to 20 %.

The New York Times has an article , published on 18 July 2009 , a 16 -year-old bought seven yards and took them home to be tried for his diabetic father as a science project sets . Which results in a variety of meters up to 75 points. This is worrying.

The mother of the student who works for a senator , told him of the results of the experiment , and wrote a letter to the FDA asking for an investigation. So there are rumors that something be done to force manufacturers to raise their standards of subway.

The answer was that the company has become more expensive meters, and people will not buy. To car is difficult, give much , as if they were forced to make cars safer. What do you worry about , your customers' confidence has fallen in their diabetic meters , as the news spreads .

Companies that accuracy in improving their own be the smartest . There is one , the counter Wavesense ; AgaMatrix says , have focused on glucose monitor accuracy and addressed many of the problems of the other devices have .

The problems that may be inaccurate meters

Each meter has problems with drugs , according to a company spokesman . Highlights drugs such as aspirin , paracetamol, vitamin C and dialysis can mess with - precision glucose monitor. Then there are used for each meter to measure blood sugar measuring methods , and the fact that the manufacturers know it 's good to be up to 20 %. It is the old argument, what is profitable, and it cheapens your product.

The fact that the counters can be inaccurate, making a further problem . Many hospitals choose to raise money for tests to take home to save check blood glucose meters in patients. And some FDA officials are concerned that this is already causing death in some high-risk cases . A hospital should not be monitored with home because they are not accurate enough , they said.

It is not always the fault of the subway

Beyond these problems lies another problem , closely monitor glucose. Human error can make unreliable monitor the readings. If you have not learned how to have your monitor properly or in a hurry and the steps that you could use the numbers are bad skips .

If alcohol on the skin, which relates to the measurement values. Better prepare your fingers by washing hands with soap and dry them well before the exam. And be sure to let your skin dry after using alcohol swabs .

Then there are the problems caused by outdated or damaged test strip with the wrong meter strip , and use a meter , exposed to high temperatures or humidity, or allowed was dirty.

What can you do for Precision Glucose Monitor

First, you can do some homework and figure out which monitor is actually better for you. I love that the monitors can be free, but some are truly better than others. And while you decide what is best for the price of the test strips , because that is what is going to buy every month. A free monitor with high test is not a bargain .

Keep your meter is to be stored at room temperature, and not too high temperatures , moisture, or dust to be suspended. Counter all cases , so that you stored within . Then , when the meter is coded to check to make sure that the number on the test strip bottle matches what is displayed on the screen.

Before you wash the strip her hands. Make sure the tape is inserted at the bottom, and in the right position in your feet . Glucosemeter monitor accuracy is only as good as the test strips you are using.

Do not use outdated test strips or bands , the high temperature and humidity have been exposed . Test strips in the sealed container they went in. And apply enough blood for the test. You can not add more after the countdown begins .

If you have a location other than the arm of the blood test that the number is from the fingertip a little different, because the test arm is lagging a bit . Your choice test site affects glucose monitoring accuracy. So if you think that your blood sugar levels drop quickly , but the arm test does not show that the test to be sure again at the tip of your fingers .

Remember, though, you have to change the batteries . Monitors will warn you about which usually , but if yours does , check whether first. If you have your glucose monitor accuracy are still unsure , take the subway one with you to the doctor's office and reading test while you are taking , so you can compare .

glucose meter accuracy comparisons
glucose meter accuracy comparisons
The hemoglobin A1C is the best way to know how you did in the last few months and compare their daily figures for HbA1c , which will give a pretty good job , a proof that the monitor does . Your blood sugar

As long as you are aware that glucose monitoring is not a game of precise numbers , from your symptoms and reactions , as well as your monitor, you see , if you are hypo-or hyperglycemia.

Learn how you react to your body to low blood sugar, is important when you can have the confidence to take insulin and glucose monitor that it is not a luxury , but a necessity.

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