Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What is Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms ?

Diabetes Insipidus

Signs and Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms are characterized by extreme versions of some symptoms of diabetes mellitus common. These include:

  • Extreme and often excessive thirst for cold water and sometimes ice water
  • Excessive urination due to extreme water consumption
  • fever
  •  vomit
  • diarrhea
  • dehydration
Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms mimic , however , a big difference with diabetes mellitus, urine contains excess glucose and hyperglycemia or high blood sugar , will not be visible. Signs of dehydration are often the best indicator of how often patients with this disease can save a lot of water in large quantities.
 As a result of the extreme loss of fluids may disrupt daily life insipidus diabetes ones. Constantly going to the bathroom can affect which affects the work of life , appetite , and sometimes the growth of children . The depletion of electrolytes is also of great concern and is a prominent Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms is considered to be observed.

The diagnosis of diabetes insipidus is both qualitatively and quantitatively , thus documenting the above symptoms, as well as testing of hormone levels in the type ( if any) of FDI in each case.

Types of diabetes insipidus

Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms
Neurogenic or central diabetes insipidus : DI Such is caused by a deficiency in production AVP or arginine vasopressin in the brain . AVP is a hormone that controls the storage of water in the body.

Diabetes insipidus : This type of DI is caused by a lack of sensitivity of the kidneys of AVP . The kidneys do not respond adequately to this water loss ADH .

DI Dipsogenic : This type of DI is caused by a defect or injury to the thirst mechanism in the hypothalamus in the brain. This causes increased thirst and fluid absorption , which leads to reduced production of AVP and increases the excretion of urine .

Gestational DI : DI This type only occurs during pregnancy. Pregnant women produce an enzyme called vasopressinase . This enzyme cleaves AVP . It is believed that gestational DI is a result of overproduction of vasopressinase .

Like other types of diabetes, if you discover that you show to visit several of the above symptoms, the doctor immediately.

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