Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms - Discussion and Solutions

Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

There are low blood sugar symptoms, mild, moderate and severe blood (hypoglycemia ) .

Mild symptoms may include nausea , hunger, and feeling of nervousness included . A person may become restless or unstable, with a trembling hand , and numbness in the fingers. It can be numbness around the lips , a fast heartbeat, and / or clammy skin . You may or may not experience excessive sweating.

These low blood sugar symptoms are mild but remain puzzling and annoying .

Moderate symptoms of hypoglycemia can be emotionally and include anxiety, restlessness , irritability or even rage. Sudden outbursts of anger are common symptoms of this situation.

Confusion and / or difficulty thinking can be mild symptoms of hypoglycemia. Very obvious low blood sugar symptoms such as blurred vision , headaches and dizziness may accompany the weakness and lack of coordination .

These conditions can lead to coherent difficulty walking or talking. Slurred speech , stumbling and / or the result is stunning.

You can also feel tired or exhausted to the point of being sleepy. It is dangerous to drive or operate heavy machinery if symptoms of moderate low blood sugar levels of this type available .

Seizures, convulsions , loss of consciousness and / or hypothermia , when the body temperature drops to dangerously low levels is likely in the emergency room prior to the diagnosis of hypoglycemia is done.

The hospital is where you belong to low blood sugarsymptoms. Do not hesitate in there if these symptoms occur .

This severe , severe symptoms of hypoglycaemia may irreversible brain damage and / or heart problems can cause , especially in people who already have coronary artery disease.

low blood sugar symptoms during pregnancy
The solution to this situation (when working with the doctor ) is frequently eat small meals , regular exercise and a healthy diet , avoiding foods rich in carbohydrates . The switch to a diet of raw vegetables with whole grains and fresh fruit often does wonders for people . Against this disease A healthy diet plan is always a good idea .

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