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Get it Through Your Glucose Test During Pregnancy

Glucose test during pregnancy

The glucose test during pregnancy women 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy are administered in order to detect pregnancydiabetes. This is a condition of high blood sugar, which can develop some women during pregnancy be harmful to the fetus in the future. Although only a small percentage of women ( about 4 %) to develop this condition , it is important that all women be tested during each pregnancy .

I am currently pregnant with my first child and only had my glucose test three days ago. I had heard many women talk about this test and tell me how bad it was , so I of course worried about it was. I would " have Oh, boy , fun! " To get the sarcasm consulting together with a face that showed how horrible it must be . I also want to tell me : " I hope that you pass the first time , or you may have a glucose test to make three hours " At this point I 've been trying to get a little advice on how to get through find the test without weak!

These are the facts about what happen glucose testduring pregnancy :
Depending on where your doctor or insurance that you can do to need the test , you can do different things during the test. If the examination can not take place in the doctor's office for a regular check-up appointment you have to get it done blood in a laboratory. In this case, you need to drink the glucose drink and then just sit in the waiting room for an hour. If possible , I recommend this test involving routine appointment.

Glucose test during pregnancy

If you do this , you will check in for your appointment and then go directly to the lab for drinking glucose drink . Once you start all your test drink in the hour. As for the drink itself , orange or fruit punch taste . You have 5 minutes to drink 8 ounces of this sugary drink with 50 grams of glucose . If you do not everything they drank within the allowed 5 minutes you do not get to finish the test and told to return another day to try again . Also, if you get sick and vomiting , the test does not count and you have to return another day .

After completion of the drink you can not do everything in his mouth, until you get blood drawn an hour later. No food , water or even chewing gum. You will be directed to the waiting room to wait for an appointment with your family doctor. After an appointment with your doctor will help you pass the time and keep you ahead of your mind , such as drink can make you feel .

Depending on how busy the medical practice is , which can all the time. If so, you will be able to go back to the lab and your blood to end the test. Then you can get back to make food and water.

Like I said , I was , do you go about taking this test because of what other people told me it really stressed . Honestly, I was not so bad . Of course it was not the prettiest thing in the world , but it was not as bad as everyone makes it out to be . Here is my personal experience with the test and how I prepared for it.

I was told to eat normally on the day of the test. My test was not until 14.00 clock , so I had my usual bowl of cereal for breakfast, mid-morning snack of cheese, Olive Garden and lunch of soup , salad and bread sticks. I only drink water and milk , so I took a normal amount of water before my test too. I wanted a lunch that I knew them to be healthy , I bought food, but does not feel heavy and full of fat. You should also stay on high sugar because that will nail your blood sugar. If you eat drink a lot of sweets nd then drink the glucose , probably fails the test .

One thing I can recommend is lots of water before you drink to the doctor's office . You will not be able to drink anything for an hour, but you really want ! The last thing I want is dehydrated and crave water. Keep hydrated also will help keep your blood sugar levels in the blood, where they would normally be .

Glucose test during pregnancy - Once I was in the lab the nurse me drink the bottle of glucose and said. " Drink this as soon as possible " does not make as much worry. You have 5 minutes to the whole glass down. I have about 3 minutes down to me, because the overwhelming sweetness was always there for me. I would have a few drinks and then let it sit for a few seconds . The nurse has to be with you and watch you drink it , you can always ask how much time is left.

The drink was very sweet ! It was so sweet that stung me on the tongue ! I had the fruit punch flavor and tasted like Hawaiian Punch concentrate . I could feel a sudden sugar when I finished it , but it was not bad enough, I began to tremble as I sometimes .

Then I had to go wait in the waiting room for a doctor's appointment for about 20 minutes. I was sitting on the couch and I had to want to suddenly feel asleep . I tried to close my eyes for a few minutes , but that does not make me feel better. Instead, I got up and walked around the room a bit . That seemed to help. So make sure that you do this if there is someone nearby in case you need help. When you start to feel weak or sick , make sure to sit down and . On your breathing The last thing you want to do is throw up and have to go through the test again later .

, I called back to the exam room and the nurse started taking my normal statistics. I felt better to concentrate something else. I had to wait about 10 minutes before the doctor came to see me. This was about 40 minutes after I drank the glucose drink . I started to feel a little strange, is not so bad that I faint , but still not good. I tried to sit down and put in different positions, but nothing helped. I stood up and walked around , but still did not help . Once the doctor came in and started my exam, I had forgotten how I felt and was fine.

glucose test during pregnancy when
glucose test during pregnancy when
As soon as I came out of the exam room the nurse lab to me and draw my blood. It took 3 vials and test was over . She then told me I could eat or drink what I wanted. I almost ran to the car to get my water !

I felt great the day , other than that, what I thought. I had thought that this test is me of how people described , they set for the rest of the day. Then I went home and cool with a little cold water I felt like I do every day.

If you are made ​​about their blood sugar test First , I would not be worried . Just eat healthy, a typical amount , and relax. The more you stress about it , the worse you feel. I also suggest to eat , just before you have your appointment. One hour after the test. You should give your body time to start with the food intake. You definitely do not want to take this glucosetest during pregnancy !

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