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The Signs Of Diabetes in Men - Things You Know About Diabetes

Signs Of Diabetes in Men

The signs of diabetes in men current research shows that men are more prone to problems that diabetes than women. As a "man-made disease," considered one of the main factors behind these days is diabetes linked to more serious health problems associated with kidney, heart and eyes.

Sight Are you aware of the signs of diabetes in men? Otherwise, you can better read the whole article to find out . Diabetes is not contagious like a cold or flu. You can not " catch" is a different person , and no one I can get to you . Diabetes is a long-term illness.

Listed under typical indicators of diabetes in men
• The polyuria ( frequent urination ) is probably the most aggravating manifestation that affects a diabetic .
• Increased thirst polydipsia drastically and a dry feeling , all the time you leave caused by the loss of body fluids or dehydration.
• Polyphagia feel hungry all the time and one of the signs of diabetes in men.
• Reduction of sudden unexplained weight gain or weight is also a further indication of diabetes.
• Increased fatigue and / or exhaustion.
• Poor or blurred vision is a clear sign of diabetes.
• You can also suffer from tingling or burning sensation in the arms, hands , legs and feet.
• Diabetes is more of a dent to make in the sexual life of a person. Erectile dysfunction is much more typical in men 50 years and older .
• Skin infections are among men who spread plagued by diabetes far .
• Any person who is suffering from this disease rather a weak immune system over time develop .
• Some other common signs and symptoms of diabetes are more likely to appear in the early stages , are loss of appetite , viral illness and physical weakness .

According to the American Diabetes Association ( ADA) , currently have about 17 million people in the United States diabetes. Which is about 8% of the population. Unfortunately, the ADA estimates more than a third of these people do not know they have the disease and could remain untreated.

signs of diabetes in men feet
signs of diabetes in men feet
Untreated or uncontrolled can cause blindness , coma, and kidney failure , nerve disease and amputations , heart disease and / or stroke diabetes.

Among the diseases , diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. and can also contribute a lot more deaths . So know the signs of diabetes in men.

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