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Blood Sugar Levels Chart

Blood Sugar Levels Chart

It is critical to glucose levels in all diabetics . This monitoring should be performed regularly . The best way to accomplish this is with the aid of the blood sugar levels chart.

As most of us know , glucose is the main energy source. It is the fuel for the body . Like any other car, the body can not function properly without fuel. The graph of blood sugar levels above helpful for diabetics. This graph shows the level of blood sugar can a diabetic to recognize when a problem begin to understand as well as to the pattern of blood sugar levels. It is important for diabetics to understand the impact of various events , food groups and activities on the level of glucose in the blood.

It is also important for diabetics to work closely with physicians to meet the objectives . The doctor is in a better position to get the best diabetes testing supplies suggest. It is always advised to make their own diabetes testing supplies to buy, so that you can monitor changes in the comfort of your home .

Normal values ​​of blood glucose

Blood Sugar Levels
Buy the meter and control the level of glucose in the blood is not everything. Diabetics should be aware of the ideal bloodsugar levels at different times of the day. This will help in the management and monitoring of the correct disease.

The blood glucose level should be in the range of 80 mg / dl to 120 mg / dl. These are the ideal levels of waking and before meals.
The amount of blood sugar levels before meals should be back somewhere between 80 mg / dl and 120 mg / dl
The Blutzuckerwert2 hours after meals has less than 170 mg / dl
The ideal blood sugar level before dinner should again between 80 mg / dl to 120 mg / dl
The ideal blood sugar level at bedtime should be somewhere between 100 mg / dl and 140 mg / dl
During fasting , the ideal blood sugar levelin the range of 70 mg / dl and 100 mg / dl

Since the curve above the level of blood sugar. This table is helpful for diabetics who want to control the disease using food and exercise . This allows them to better understand the effect of different food groups and exercise routine in the level of blood glucose.

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