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Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms - What Could Your HbA1c Levels ?

Diabetes Type 2 Symptoms

Diabetes type 2 symptoms should the HbA1c levels test was performed, the A1C reflects what the average blood sugar levels in the blood are for the last two to three months. If you are not carried out with this test every three to six months, you should talk to your doctor. The glycosylated hemoglobin , HbA1c letter is used to assess blood sugar control because it took a long-term blood sugar levels on a morning .

Diabetes type 2 symptoms , Hemoglobin is the molecule which is found in red blood cells. It is the molecule which transports oxygen through the body. Red blood cells live about 120 days, so by measuring the glucose hemoglobin , an image of what the blood sugar has been to obtain approximately the last three months .

Different molecules hemoglobin molecules more human hemoglobin are the same , but hemoglobin is a large molecule , and some people hemoglobin molecules which are slightly different from the usual type have . The molecule consists of amino acids and iron ions. There are more than 20 kinds of amino acids , and occasionally someone born with a different amino acid in place of a conventional one . Such substitution causes sickle cell anemia ...

Diabetes type 2 symptoms - HbS sickle hemoglobin during the normal human hemoglobin HbA abbreviated abbreviated .

During a normal hemoglobin molecule, the amino acid glutamic acid among the amino acids , a hemoglobin molecule, Sickle cell anemia is a different amino acid , valine, in the same position . A further variation is the Hb , a hemoglobin molecule is the same as the hemoglobin produced by the fetus , but occasionally in adults. In the variation , the more than one amino acid substitution. Variants such as HbS and HbF are called hemoglobinopathies .

diabetes type 2 symptoms and treatment
diabetes type 2 symptoms and treatment
Diabetes type 2 symptoms - Hemoglobinopaties : According to research in the Department of Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry , Faculty of Medicine , University of Kelaniya , Ragama , Sri Lanka, HbA1c testing in patients with HbS or HbF may give false results . The results of their study were published in September 2010 in South East Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health. Two 1,695 diabetic patients were tested for hemoglobinopathies . Two percent HbF or HbS found . HbA1c levels in patients with normal hemoglobin are taken with hemoglobinopathies HbF or HbS a better indicator of blood sugar of the same measures in patients. The researchers found that diabetics with HbA1c values ​​do not appear with the level of fasting blood sugar should be tested for hemoglobinopathies are correlated .

Frequencies of hemoglobin disorders are very different in different populations. A study in southern Turkey hemoglobin S found at :

    3.9 percent of the total population
    9.6 percent in the Arab people , while
    none was seen in the Kurds.

Another study in Brazil , 14 percent of people in certain regions , while in other regions were not the sickle cell anemia performing carrier.

Diabetes type 2 symptoms - If the level of fasting blood sugar consistently show a different story about the results of HbA1c testing , should the possibility of a hemoglobinopathy your doctor.

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