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What Are The Normal Glucose Levels ?

Normal Glucose Levels

What are the normal glucose levels ? If you are diagnosed with diabetes, is probably a question in your head : Wait blood sugar levels , "What is the normal range of blood sugar " stabilized in the normal range , can be difficult and is not panic if you notice that they can since increased stress blood sugar levels as easily as a glass of wine to be raised. Before we see how to maintain a normal level , we need to see exactly what is normal at first.

When you wake up in the morning and test your blood sugar levels you should expect to see at a level between 70 to 90 mg / dl. Tags Your sugar levels rise , depending on diet and lack of exercise. A person who has diabetes, never , glucose / sugar learn over 200 mg / dl , regardless of who is just a meal or not. One to two hours after eating glucoselevels should be 120 mg / dl or less. If you are experiencing levels outside these ranges , it is important that the glucose levels is to prevent future health problems such as heart disease , stroke, blindness , coma and even death regulated.

Keeping track of your blood sugar levels is also important for understanding the trends of what your body is . It is a good idea to check the time of the medications that you took which test , blood sugar levels, what foods you have eaten and what exercise you have done since the last test to write down . This registration must be with you when you visit your doctor so he or she will help you find a diet and exercise program , best to plan it for you.

So how do you keep the normal glucose levels ? First, it is important to interfere with regular exercise . Movement holds not only physically fit, but lowers to keep blood sugar levels low and they . For a longer period If you drink alcohol you might want to reduce the amount or leave entirely , since alcohol can change your values, especially if you drink on an empty stomach. You also need to avoid sugary sodas or juices. You can use these drinks with black or green tea to replace blood sugar levels lower naturally.

normal glucose levels in blood
Nutrition is very important when you are trying to normalize their blood sugar levels. Complex carbohydrates such as green leafy vegetables help maintain normal levels because they contain fiber and take longer to break do to the system than conventional carbohydrates. Avoid foods high in starch and refined flour like white bread, potatoes, pasta and baked goods, such as sugar almost as soon as they reach the digestive tract and can cause an overload of glucose.

If you find that your levels are high , even after participating in exercise and healthy eating , visit your doctor for medical help right away to see if there may be other causes that have been overlooked.

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