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Fasting Blood Sugar And Other Tests

How Fasting Blood Sugar Done?

Fasting blood sugar or FBS is a test for blood sugar levels. Glucose is the main blood monosaccharide. Its measurement is for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. Fasting, because the patient must fast for 8-12 hours before the test. Fasting is crucial to come up with reliable laboratory results and thus - diagnosis.
First If the test is requested, the patient should contact the health workers responsible for the sampling.

Two . Given the right instructions. The instructions may vary if it is carried out simultaneously with other tests FBS. Examples: If the Test block Triglyceride , fasting would be 12-14 hours. When the electrolyte is formed , the water can not be tolerated.

Three . Fasting usually starts after dinner. From 7.00 to 07.00 clock . Nothing eats, sweets , coffee, tea or a drink .

April . Posted 7 clock , the patient should be in the lab .

May After blood drawn , labeled and coded.

6th The patient can eat after blood collection .

7th Not be shortened or extended fasting hours.

Other tests that can be carried out with the glucose in the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus (DM) , are :
First Test 2 hours after the intake of food (2 - hppt )

This is the most sensitive for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus parameters. Is it because normal two hours after a meal ( postprandial) glucose levels in normal people .

Blood sugar levels in the normal adult blood :

Orthotoulidine method = 60-110 mg / dL
Nelson - Somogyi method = 80-120 mg / dL

Two . Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT )

fasting blood sugar level
The patient swallows a glucose load / challenge or solution. Then samples are collected in 30 minutes or an hour intervals. The results were compared with standard results to normal patients .

Three . The intravenous glucose tolerance test ( IVGTT )

This is the same as OGTT . The difference is that the load of glucose injected intravenously. People with gastrointestinal problems used IVGTT . The results are interpreted as SOG .

April . A1C (hemoglobin A1C ) .

This test is a measure of patient adherence to drug treatment. If the patient is taking their medication properly , the result would be normal. If the patient does not comply with the drugs , then the result is high.

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