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Insulin Resistance Symptoms Skin

Insulin Resistance Symptoms

Insulin resistance symptoms is a condition in which the cells of the body that are already resistant to insulin. This is a serious disease because the symptoms of insulin resistance destroy our healthy body functions. We need insulin to control the level of glucose in the blood. If we this kind of problem , the more likely that we will develop diabetes mellitus due to chronic high blood sugar levels.

Normally, cells of insulin to glucose . The vehicle of insulin glucose without insulin , the cells were unable to use glucose for energy . In this case, the body will normally produce insulin , but the problem is that the cells are those that do not accept . They developed resistance due to many factors , such as obesity , pregnancy , metabolic syndrome , stress and more . These are just the most common factors that can trigger resistance.

This disorder is associated with type 2 diabetes that occur later in life. The problem with the in - type is almost the same with insulin resistance symptoms. However, it is the case of severe insulin resistance as in type 2 diabetes, the pancreas has been changed. Since cells against chronic insulin resistance symptoms, then build . High insulin levels indicates that the pancreas stops producing insulin. When this occurs, there would be a lack of insulin in the body, so that glucose is increased as it can be used for power up. Chronic insulin resistance will lead to type 2 diabetes .

Many of the symptoms of insulin resistance are physical changes . Since insulin is a hormone produced by the beta cells of the pancreas , therefore, if their features are changed , cause abnormal hormone levels in the body. The common characteristic of this disorder are skin tags . They are benign skin lesions, which protrudes on the surface of the skin. The characteristics of these lesions are flat, irregular and are colored flesh. These tags hanging skin appear as it is derived, which are attached to the skin surface.

insulin resistance symptoms skin
Other symptoms of the disease are fatty liver disease , atherosclerosis, polycystic ovaries , and other reproductive abnormalities in women. The disorder affects the liver because there is difficulty in controlling excessive fat , when the insulin level is higher and higher. At the same time , fat distribution affect the arteries, leading to atherosclerosis, which can endanger our health significantly . Note that arterial diseases are responsible in the pathogenesis of stroke and other serious heart problems. The effect of insulin resistance in women is also devastating because it menstruation , ovarian functions destroyed interfering , and worst of all, can potentially cause infertility.

The hardest part about this condition is that you are able to recognize them because their signs and symptoms " arise only on the late side . In this case , prevention is much more important. Though is hereditary an important factor for its occurrence but still can be avoided if we healthy lifestyle.

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