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Diabetes Type 1 - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Diabetes Type 1 Symptoms

Once referred to as juvenile diabetes, diabetes type 1symptoms is usually diagnosed in children and adolescents . Under the impression of him , the human body is unable to produceinsulin , which is important to ensure that the sugar we eat is converted into energy hormone. This leads to many complications for people with this disease.
Fortunately, it has become easier to deal with diabetestype 1 than years ago , so their victims a fair chance at a full life to live without setbacks. Read note to every day only to have the best experience possible this article for some basic information about the disease and things.

Reasons for the development of diabetes type 1

Diabetes type 1 can occur in one's life at any time , but found the most likely occurrence of this disease in children and adolescents . The most common cause of diabetes is believed to be strongly linked to our diet , but genetics plays an important role in it , too.

Once a person's body does not produce its own insulin in a position to glucose is consumed sugar and other foods gradually build up in the bloodstream and becomes a cause for the symptoms of diabetes first

Typical symptoms

An unusual feeling of thirst or hunger does not go away when you eat or drink is often associated with diabetes type 1, such as unexplained fatigue feeling, even if no physical activity. At the same time, a person may need to start going to the bathroom frequently .

Many patients have reported a deterioration of vision and loss of spontaneous weight -like symptoms . People with diabetes type 1 can occasionally lose the feeling in the extremities, if proper care is not provided.

diabetes type 1 symptoms nhs
diabetes type 1 symptoms nhs
These are the symptoms which are normally the presence of factors that diabetes type 1. Although a definitive diagnosis can only come from a qualified physician , some of the following signs of discomfort and possible medical examination can create .

• flushed face .
• Shortness of breath .
• Dry skin and mouth.
• Unusual odor from the air.
• Pain in the stomach.
• nausea or vomiting.

If a patient also lower blood sugar, some other symptoms may be included in this list , for example , headache , anxiety , palpitations , muscle weakness , tremors, and sweating.


The onset of diabetes type 1 can be quickly and when first symptoms occur in the affected person may be weak to leave the hospital.

Once the situation has stabilized , people can try out their illness by a health check every week, notes from the food they eat and the development of a comprehensive treatment that they control to enjoy as usual to life.

Proper control of your blood sugar levels in the blood and the right amount of insulin injections leads to an overall stabilization of the disease, degradation of diabetes type 1 symptoms . To keep the situation under control, the person concerned should not miss these checks and control your blood sugar.

This can make things difficult , because patients are often children . However, we will teach you the steps to make your life safer, ultimately to a better experience of everyday though cause diabetes type 1.

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