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Gestational Diabetes Test

Gestational Diabetes Test

There are several options to gestational diabetestest. The complex test them brings a random blood sugar . The other two are testing urine glucose screening Glukose.

Approximately 24 to 28 weeks - are usually made by your doctor during a regular visit to a test of blood sugar randomly. If you want to test outside normal limits , this test is more likely to be through what is an oral glucose Call (SOG ) continued tolerance.

The testoral glucose tolerance ( OGTT) tolerance is usually performed in the morning after fasting overnight between eight and 14 hours. During the three days prior to this test, you need a diet that is full of at least 150 grams of carbohydrates per day , includes, along with unlimited physical activity. In this test, a solution containing a certain amount of glucose drink . Your doctor will pull your diabetes beginning of the test and to measure time intervals after the first test.

If you found the glucose greater than 128 mg / dl after fasting , or greater than 200 mg / dl blood at every opportunity , and if these results are confirmed in another day you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes to be, and you will have be tested .

A second possibility for testing called gestational diabetes test glucose tolerance . This test is sometimes called the O'Sullivan test . It is usually performed when you are 24-28 weeks. It is a simplified version of the type test oral glucose tolerance described above. In this test, you will need to find a solution to drink 50 g of glucose. My blood levels are measured and then an hour later . When the cutoff set at 140 mg / dl , this gestational diabetes is seen in about 80 % of women .

A third test blood sugar is urine glucose tests . Women with gestational diabetes generally have high levels of sugar in the urine. It is basically a special test strip into the urine post , putting measures sugar in the blood. During this test has been widely practiced in the past , they tend to perform poorly . For this reason, in favor of the many providers of health care has fallen .

The good news of Gestational Diabetes

gestational diabetes symptoms
gestational diabetes symptoms
If you are told you have gestational diabetes, do not panic. For one, the moment you give , gestational diabetes disappears. That's the nature of the disease - that is present during pregnancy only after completely disappears. Second, most women can easily control the disease regularly for changes in what you eat and when to eat and exercise. Exercise does not even have to be strenuous . You probably have to work just 30 minutes a day, five days a week , exercise can only consist of just a nice walk.

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