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Normal Blood Sugar Levels - What Are They?

Normal Blood Sugar Levels

The importance of normal blood sugar levels is related to the prevention of complications of diabetes. If your blood sugar (glucose ) is not in the ideal or normal blood sugar levels may initially experience short-term problems and long range .

Short-term problems are high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia ) and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia ) . The long-term problems are blindness , kidney disease, heart disease, stroke , impotence, nerve disorders and loss of limbs . Nerve disease , the feet and legs , such as numbness , pain or burning , tingling influence . Loss of limbs is the result if necessary due to poor circulation , infection or nerve disease .

Normal blood sugar values ​​depend if the test was done. A blood sugar  normal fasting is taken over by a person who has not eaten for 8-12 hours. A person who do not have diabetes normal levels of fasting blood sugar somewhere between 70 and 100 mg / dl. The goal for people with diabetes to a level of fasting blood sugar under 110 mg / dl or in some cases 120 mg / dl. This is also the aim of normal blood sugar levels immediately before meals.

Blood sugar levels after meals , which is 2 hours after eating part ( blood glucose 2 hours postprandial) are less than 140 mg / dl in a person with diabetes , it is not . Poorly controlled diabetics are often two hours post-prandial ( after eating) blood sugar levels in the blood, depending on the amount of carbohydrates consumed , your insulin is the amountof insulin that is produced and how to respond consumed carbohydrate. Other diabetes medicines that you are taking and the effectiveness of the drug regimen are also important take into account in the control of blood sugar levels. Your health care team will help you get the target range of glucose inthe blood that is right for you is set. These guidelines apply to many people. Your goal area may be higher or lower than these guidelines.

Can perform another test with your doctor, hemoglobin A1C ( HbA1C ) , or sometimes simply referred to as A1C . Hemoglobin A1C results , enter a number followed by a % sign . The results of the test of a person with diabetes is not less than 6%. Good control for a diabetic often less than 6 %, as well . The original goal for a diabetic person hemoglobin A1C is down to 6-7 %.

normal blood sugar levels chart after eating
normal blood sugar levels chart after eating
Hemoglobin A1C is a perspective for 2-3 months as their level of blood sugar or glucose in your blood . There is basically an average blood sugar of 2-3 months. Is related as a percentage to be used , the number of sugar molecules to the hemoglobin molecules bound ( the lifetime of 2 to 3 months ) of the red blood cells. This percentage corresponds to blood sugar chains. For example, corresponding to an average daily glucose measurements between 115 and 150 mg / dl is an HbA1c of 6 %, an HbA1c of 7% or an average daily Glukosetests150 -180 mg / dl.

In short, a person who is no sugar levels normal blood diabetics under 100 mg / dl or before a meal as fasting and less than 140 mg / dl 2 hours after start of a meal . Blood sugar levels of diabetics may be too high and in a short time - problems, such as hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. The long-term complications can be severe and include blindness and kidney, heart and nervous disorders.

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