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Diabetic Nerve Pain Medicine

Diabetic Nerve Pain Medicine

For millions of people with diabetic nerve painmedicine is to learn to improvise. Even the best medications only nerve pain in half, on average. And some people with diabetes may want to avoid the cost and potential side effects of drugs with additional recipe.

Not surprisingly, more than half of people with diabetic neuropathy have tried to say that complementary treatments to relieve your nerve pain.

Experts say that the impulse for self-care is good. "There are a lot of things that you can effectively do at home in order to relieve the pain of diabeticneuropathy," says Sue McLaughlin, RD, CDE, president of health care and education for the American Diabetes Association. "They live it every day, and you can do every day something positive about them, too."
Peripheral neuropathy: not so minor complication of diabetes

The diabetic nerve pain is caused by nerve damage that is caused due to the toxic effects of high blood sugar levels and poor circulation. Over time, as more and more nerves lost nerves lose their capacity to transmit sensations. The numbness in the feet and legs is a common symptom that two thirds of people with diabetes will experience at some point.

diabetic nerve pain treatment
diabetic nerve pain treatment
The damage causes the nerves rather misfires. You can ordinary touching send pain signals in response or no apparent reason. "People often describe diabetic nerve pain burning, tingling or electric shock," says McLaughlin. Neuralgia is usually in the feet and legs, but can also be in your hands.

About 25% of people with diabetic nerve pain experience. The pain can be debilitating of annoying rich, so even simple daily activities excruciatingly painful. Since the symptoms are often worse at night, neuropathic pain often interferes with sleep and mood problems such as irritability and depression can follow.

"Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a call minor complication of diabetes, but not people who live with the pain it creates," says Laurence Kinsella, MD, professor of neurology at St. Louis University and a member of the American Academy of Neurology.

"The drugs and doctors for that matter, can only do so much. Anyone with this condition should to do certain things for themselves at home," says Kinsella.

WebMD asked experts in diabetes, explain some of the therapies most commonly used home care for diabetic nerve pain. Here are 10 strategies - some old favorites and some surprises.
The Top neuropathic pain treatment: control of blood sugar levels

When it comes to reducing the pain of diabetic neuropathy "the control of blood sugar is not only the No. 1 strategy is virtually the entire top ten," says McLaughlin.

The toxic effects of high blood sugar levels lead to nerve damage and diabetic nerve pain in the first place. Furthermore, high sugar ", only the process," says McLaughlin. But keep sugar close to normal can to stop the ongoing damage and improving the pain of diabetic neuropathy, according to studies. And because some diabetic nerve damage may be reversible reducing sugar can have even more benefits.

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