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High Blood Sugar Symptoms List

High Blood Sugar Symptoms  List

High blood sugar symptoms, known as hyperglycemia usually occur when the body does not function properly the production of insulin or the insulin. For people with diabetes, it means that blood sugar levels do not go into the correct cells and instead stays in the blood, thereby reducing blood sugar levels in the blood (Level B / S). Ideal values ​​B / S in the range of 90 to 130 mg / dl before a meal.

If levels of B / S remain high for several hours can lead to dehydration and other serious problems. If the levels of the B / S remain high for a longer period of time, say several years, can cause damage to many of the body organs. It is not uncommon variations in the height of the B / S that occur in people with diabetes every day, nailing from lows to highs and diabetics understand the importance of control levels through diet, exercise and medication (if prescribed). It is important that everyone knows the symptoms of high blood sugar levels and know when to seek medical treatment.

Symptoms of high blood sugar can be very mild or develop at an extremely slow pace. You can even high blood sugar levels, but do not experience any symptoms. However, the most common symptoms include:

• Always be hungry
• Always be thirsty
• Dry mouth
• Employed to urinate with
• dry, itchy skin
• Fatigue or extreme tiredness
• Recurrent infections
• Impotence
• Slow healing of wounds
• Unexplained weight loss

If left untreated for several hours of high B / S levels may experience the following symptoms:

• Dehydration
• Shortness of breath
• Rapid weight loss
• dizziness when standing up
• dizziness and confusion
• Loss of consciousness

There are a variety of reasons why you may have symptoms of high blood sugar, such as:

• Diet
• Emotional stress
• Certain health conditions
Concentrated • Lack of exercise
• Certain medications
• Some food supplements

high blood sugar symptoms list
If you find you are one of the symptoms of highblood sugar levels that I mentioned, you should contact your doctor immediately so that the B / S levels tested and treated properly to contact. Since there are a variety of serious health risks, it is with long-term symptoms of hyperglycemia highly recommended that you that you can learn for a proper diagnosis of the symptoms of high blood sugar your doctor.

Some of the recommendations can do by your doctor to relieve the symptoms of hyperglycemia are:

• Set or even change the drug or the dose levels
• Initiation of a proper diet and eating habits
• The inclusion of a consistent training program

• The use of assessment frequent blood sugar tests

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