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Blood Sugar Levels After Eating - Tips to Control Blood Sugar Levels After Meals

Blood Sugar Levels After Eating

Check diabetes includes measures on two scales - bloodsugar levels before meals and bloodsugar levels after eating. While her health is justified above shows the normal reactions of the body , the other states, if the diet take or not . Well, that's one thing to keep in mind is that the blood sugar levels after eating depends mainly on the foods that you eat. On average, it takes about 1 ½ hours to digest a meal that we had. As the test for one and a half to two hours was performed after a meal.

Many people take an insulin injection just before eating . Actually, it is only for people who prefers very high uncontrolled diabetes. It , some precautions to control the level of blood sugar after meals is best .

Tips to control blood sugar levels after meals

Take a walk .

A walk immediately after meals to aid digestion. It also burns the excess fat that you have acquired in the food .

Take hot water or not to drink.

blood sugar levels after eating chart
Doctors and nutritionists experts say you should not have water immediately after lunch. You should take it either before meals or at least 1 hour after that. Water actually freezes fat within the body. This leads to the formation of bad cholesterol , which is extremely harmful in many respects. Now is the best option to replace hot water. This could even choose to have two glasses or more . It would also help your appetite.

Have yoga.

A Yogasana as " vajrasana " is known to be useful for better digestion . When you sit in this position after eating for about 15 minutes , it should help in various ways. Reduce weight, which prevents the formation of bad cholesterol , which accelerates the process of digestion and functions to reduce the accumulated fat around the belly . Can significantly reduce the level of blood sugar after a meal, if you do at least three times a day.

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